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Cookbook Club with Ottolenghi and a Giveaway


This past weekend, I hosted the third iteration of the Cookbook Club I run with Jan from Family Bites and Mardi from Our dinner was filled with recipes from Ottolenghi’s first cookbook. Enjoying an entire meal with recipes from one same chef is really a fantastic experience. I often tend not to follow recipes […] Read more…


Cookbook Club: Marcella Hazan


Anytime you start talking about your favourite cookbooks with a group of food lovers, you know good conversation is about to take place.This exact thought was the starting point for a cookbook club I’ve started with Jan (from Family Bites) and Mardi (from eat. live. travel. write). This past weekend was our very first get […] Read more…


Chocolate and Grand Marnier Tiramisu

jamie oliver tiramisu

Tiramisu was one of the very first recipes I used to make on my own as a kid. One of my mom’s friends had a treasured, super simple recipe to make it and quickly taught me one summer. I remember thinking this was one of the easiest, yet one of the most luxurious desserts I […] Read more…


Lemon-Scented Olive Oil Cake with Plumped Figs

Olive oil Cake Maria Speck

Picture this: figs doused in Grand Marnier and orange juice that are folded into a tender cake batter made with whole wheat pastry flour, olive oil and a generous amount of fragrant lemon zest. The result? This beautiful dessert from Maria Speck‘s Ancient Grains for Modern Meals. This was the dessert for this month’s Cookbook […] Read more…


Cardamom and Sage Mango Spritzer


Sometimes, excessive snow outside gives you a yearning to bring the summer in and escape. For those days, I opt for a fruity drink like this one, filled with the warm spices and herbs I associate with winter. It’s the best of both worlds, really. The drink starts with a flavoured simple syrup with cardamom […] Read more…


Butternut, Arugula and Pine Nut Salad


If you read my Cookbook Club post last month, you’ll know that this is the second month Jan from Family Bites, Mardi from eat. live. travel. write and I get together and have a potluck of sorts where we each cook from one same cookbook author. This time around we met at Jan’s cosy home […] Read more…


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