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Persimmon, Manchego & Kale Pizza


I’ve always loved persimmons, but generally end up snacking on them, just as they are, or enjoying them simply diced over steel-cut oats. @persimonsays, a brand of persimmons grown in the Ribera del Xúquer region of Spain, grows these beautiful, sweet fruit. They challenged me to cook them in a savoury way, using a few […] Read more…


White Chocolate-Dipped Citrus Segments


At a time of year when not much colourful foods are in season, citrus is my way to add a little vibrancy back into my kitchen. This is the simplest of treats to showcase them, just like I like them. It’s barely a recipe, but something that’s nice enough to serve guests for dessert.I love […] Read more…


Homemade Gravlax with Dill and Clementine


Certain dishes have that innate quality of making any meal feel like a special occasion. Gravlax fits that bill, no matter how it’s served. Simply cured with salt and a few seasonings gravalx really is an easy recipe to make at home. The only requirement is making sure that the salmon that you use is […] Read more…


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts and Grainy Mustard Sauce

roasted Roasted Brussels

Entertaining is not something everyone does with complete ease of mind. What should my menu be? How much should I serve? Can I entertain stress-free even if my kitchen is pretty tight for space? These are all valid concerns and ones I have often heard people worry about when they’re planning a get-together. When it […] Read more…


A Few Fall Faves

Fall faves 4

Crimson leaves, crisp apples and creamy pumpkin pie are just a few of the things that I can’t get enough of at this time of year. This post is an ode to all these autumn moments that make me swoon. From top to bottom: apple picking adventures at Carl Laidlaw Orchards;a luscious pumpkin pie from […] Read more…


Sesame Crusted Tuna and Soba Noodle Bowls

sesame crusted tuna

Weekend cooking is all about treating yourself. Sometimes, that indulgence comes in the form of an intensely chocolatey dessert, but often, for me, it’s about purchasing ingredients I don’t usually use for every day cooking. Fresh, sushi-grade tuna definitely fits that category. It’s relatively expensive, but a lovely splurge to enjoy every now and then […] Read more…


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